Green Crack shatter


sour diesel anyone?


A friend that I went to high school with started working with glass. My roommate was always asking to borrow my bowl, so for her birthday I asked the dude to make a custom bowl. I told him how she grew up in Northern MN and was really into nature and what not. Otherwise, he was given artistic freedom. I don’t really know what I expected but when I saw the pics, and finally saw this in person I was in total awe. So here I am sharing this piece with you all :)  


Indica vs. Sativa

uplifting and euphoric feelings can also mean anxious feelings, so if you are feeling too anxious or paranoid with your flowers, try an indica or indica dominant strain. if you hate feeling sleepy from weed, try a sativa or sativa dominant flower. if either way is too much, check out hybrids!