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Half gram of Badfish Extracts Jack the Ripper from Weedland in Wilmington, California.

so, we attended the wedding of some friends the other day, both of us looking good in our finery. actually, it was the man’s ex and her fiancee’s wedding, so it was a bit weird. the man decided to bring our entire dab set up so we did not have to be sober. unfortunately it was at a somewhat public venue, so dabbing was difficult and our vapor pen attachment and battery had all broken or died. mom drove us, so we were able to get pretty faded, but we were in a parking lot filled with streaming strangers with varying opinions on marijuana and other things that might require torches… it was a crap shoot of whether we would get caught or in trouble. right before the ceremony, the man and i snuck back to the shiny fancy lexus (this is grandmas car that mom is driving) and popped the trunk. in the trunk was our gun case, open that up and in the foam are the glass pieces. i dab first, somehow dodging all attention and then the man heats the skillet for himself. a couple of people started to walk towards us, so i shooed him to the side of the car. the car door was open so he just perched in the seat and did his dab. the two people passed behind me and i saw out of the corner of my eye that it was a woman (dressed in khaki slacks, a buttons down men’s shirt and tie with severely short hair) and her mother. i hear the younger woman say, “NICE!” to the man as he hits his dab and lets out the steam. the man says to her, “marijuana is a wonderful thing.”

she replied with, “yes, it is.” - end conversation

the man later explained to me that i was somehow included in this as though to indicate that he won me as a prize of marijuana… silly, since i was here before i even smoked, vaped or ate pot… but i thought that was cute :) also, there are a lot more lesbians in the white mountains than i would have ever guessed… :)


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